About Us
Who are We ?
We are a Dayton Based marketing company with the goal of matching the Builder/ Remodeler/ Do it yourselfer with the contractor. We work hard to provide contacts that are of the highest quality.
How are We different ?
We live and work in the same communities that you do. We are not a large company operating remotely from somewhere else in the country. ( example: Service Pro is from Denver, Co.) We are a small company that operates primarily in Montgomery and Greene Counties.We have worked with and for a large number of contractors over the past 10 years. We see good and bad craftsmenship. If we feel that a contractor does not meet our standards they will be removed from this site.

Why are we better ?
We work and live in the Dayton area. We are in the construction business ourselves.( Over 10 Years In the Dayton Market )
We have a larger data base of local contractors.
With ContractingDayton.com you will not get a remodeling contractor from Lebanon that specializes in kitchen cabinetry responding to a Driveway replacement project in Huber Heights. This is the case with alot of out of town services. They match a warm body, we search for the best local contractor at a fair price.
How did ContractingDayton.com come to life ?
I was a salesman for a Local Ready Mix company and no matter who I was calling on the question was always the same. Do you know a good ( insert a trade here ) contractor. Builders, remodelers, contractors and homeowners all seemed to have trouble finding quality help. I started watching various trades and jotting down notes as to which companies where quality minded. These companies are the base of this directory. Other quality contractors have been added along the way.
Reason number 2:
I went to Lebanon to pour a Driveway for a Kitchen Remodeler I had worked with before. I asked how he recieved a driveway replacement job when he had never poured concrete before. His reply was : easy. He had replied to a large remodeling web site that charged him $150.00 for the lead. He was the only contractor that would reply so he recieved the job. The worst part was he bid double the going rate for the project.
I knew then that I could do a better job for the consumer at finding a quality contractor at a fair market price. There is nothing like competition to generate a fair price for the consumer.
Reason # 3:
The cost of advertising for a small company can be a large burden. I have friends that pay between $1000 and $2000 per month for a phone book listing. Newspapers are less expensive but still are not cheap. Our goal for the contractor is to find a few extra jobs per year for a small fee. Our fee for a year is less than one months advertisement in the newspaper. If we we can fill in the slow spots for the contractor our goal is fullfilled.
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